For Brands

Brands that place the customer’s satisfaction ahead of the corporate strategy are winning in today’s marketplace. Brand Satisfaction helps customer-focused brands understand their customers better with real time feedback and ratings.

We utilize the widely adopted Net Promoter Score® framework to power brand ratings. Simply login to Brand Satisfaction and you can see the NPS® score for all of the brands you care about from your own to competitors.

LoudDoor began licensing the Net Promoter Score® framework in 2012 to power the Brand Satisfaction platform and we have collected over 50 million survey responses since.

In addition to our NPS® ratings, which you can access for free on Brand Satisfaction, we can also help you go deeper and understand your customers better. Brand Satisfaction can facilitate invitations to take surveys, participate in focus-groups and special promotions through our large and growing panel. All invitations can be targeted based on the panelists’ existing rating of your brand.

Need to know what makes your Promoters so happy?
Need to understand the risks among your Passives?
Want to find the secrets to turning sentiment among your Detractors?
We can help you find them all and gather the insights you need.

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